We are seriously concerned about the short and long-term prospects for education in some southern and in some young EU member states. Especially in countries under serious economic pressure the danger of drastic and injudicious decisions is high and may be enhanced by financial pressure from the EU and undifferentiated cut requests.

We here want to promote an initiative "support-education-eu" expressing our concern about this situation, advocating for an awareness that maintaining a good overall educational system is to be seen as a major European program and arguing that the community should assist endangered local structures and systems.

Please forward our page to colleagues and friends and other people who may be interested. Our petition hopefully backed by a fair amount of signatures will be forwarded to local and EU authorities. We hope that this initiative will give these authorities further motivation for increasing present efforts toward supporting a high level of education in the EU countries.

People who want to actively join the initiative, taking certain responsibilities in their home countries (providing local information, promoting the distribution of the initiative) are highly welcome. For comments and suggestions and concerning schools, universities, local and EU education policies, link to relevant websites, please contact support-education-eu(@)itp.uni-heidelberg.de (Please mark explicitly what you would agree to be made public). They will be checked and answered by the organizers and part of them will be available under